Molinos: When we arrived at this special place on Fuerteventura‘s North West coast it felt like we were at the end of the world. Molinos is a village comprising no more than 10 houses, and yet it has this most amazing bar & restaurant – Casa Pon.


There’s cold beer on tap and reasonably good & sensibly priced chilled wine. We watched the team beavering away in the open kitchen (always a good sign) preparing fresh fish for the day’s lunch menu.

Ducks wander around under your feet, fancying a break from the river running beside the restaurant where they live.
Bread donations welcome.

Casa Pon is open every day from 10:00 until 6pm Mon-Fri
and until 7pm at the weekends.
Summer season brings with it a more touristy crowd and the place remains open until 10pm.

Very child-friendly.


Bargain prices.


Casa Pon

Sotero Rodriguez Umpierez

35600 Los Molinos

Tel: +34 654 931 181



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