Miami – Monty’s Raw Bar

So, pretty much every bar on Ocean Drive faces East. So where does the intrepid bar-searcher go to witness a glorious sunset on South Beach?

Well, La Piaggia, if you can get in (and have a Platinum Amex) or Monty’s Raw Bar for a decent beer and a plate of freshly cooked Stone Crabs without the two hour wait in line at Joe’s around the corner.

If you can find it (there’s no sign from the road, but look for the Brazilian restaurant and instead of going upstairs head right inside the building and Monty’s lurks around the corner.

There were probably more locals than tourists when I visited, which is often a good sign, Monty’s is both bar and restaurant with bay-side pool and a superb view across the yacht harbour. Watch the cruise-ships go by with an ice-cold Corona or a Cuba Libre and check out the sports action on the wide screens at the pool-side Tiki bar or dine on crab and steaks inside in the slightly naff fisherman-themed area.

Ladies, I’m telling you, check out the bar scene here and not the restaurant. You might be lucky and find wall to wall guys (note, this is not a gay bar) fresh off their boats and both younger, cuter and significantly friendlier than the salty sea dogs you’re likely to find in Islamorada further South.

Price: Moderate
Child friendly

Opening hours: from 11:00am – 10:00pm daily

Monty’s South Beach
300 Alton Rd
33139 Florida

Tel: +1 (305) 672 1148


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